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International Students and Relocation Experts

Moving to a new city can be challenging especially when moving from another country. 

We at DV Real Estate Group have vast experience helping international students and people coming from abroad to work to relocate. We understand how stressful a time like this can be. We pride ourselves in giving the guidance and attention needed so that your move can be as simple as possible.  

Reasons to work with us: 

1. Familiarity with the local market: We have extensive knowledge of the local housing market, including the availability of rental properties, prices, and neighborhoods. 

2. Language and cultural barriers: You may face language and cultural barriers when navigating the rental market in a foreign country. We bridge this gap by communicating with landlords, negotiating leases, and explaining the rental process in an easy way to understand. 

3. Time-saving and convenience: Searching for housing can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process. We can streamline the search by pre-screening properties, arranging property viewings, and handling paperwork, saving valuable time and effort. 

4. Access to a wider range of options: We often have access to a broader range of rental properties than what may be publicly available. We have connections with landlords, property managers, and other industry professionals, giving us access to off-market listings or exclusive opportunities. 

5. Guidance and support: Renting a property involves legal and financial considerations that you may be unfamiliar with. We provide guidance on lease agreements, rental regulations, and help understand your rights and responsibilities as tenants. 

6. Increased trust and security: Working with a reputable real estate broker can provide a sense of trust and security . We have professional affiliations, licenses, and ethical guidelines that we must adhere to, which can help protect you from fraudulent practices or unfair treatment.

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