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The Heights

Jersey City Heights

A residential neighborhood with some Victorian and Edwardian homes, The Heights has multicultural restaurants, cafes, and ice cream shops along Central Avenue. Adjacent to a large reservoir, Pershing Field features an indoor skating rink and swimming pool, while Leonard Gordon Park is known for its early 1900s buffalo and bears statues by sculptor Solon Borglum. Washington Park offers sports courts and a playground.

The Heights is situated atop the banks of the Palisades along the west side of the Hudson River, above Hoboken. The area is settled between Paterson Plank Road on the north side, Highway 139 on the south side, Hoboken on the east side, and the Hackensack River on the west side. The Heights sits 100 feet above sea level.

Central Avenue is a Hudson County road that spans 12 blocks long and ¾ of a mile straight through The Heights. Central Avenue has one four-way intersection in the shopping district at Hutton Street, but otherwise, most interactions down the street’s path are T-intersections. 

Follow Manhattan Avenue back up the path you came and make your way to Pershing Field Memorial Park. 

The steps that connect The Heights with Paterson Plank Road, near the 2nd Street Hoboken Light Rail station, were built in the 1890s. The original steps were so disintegrated and dangerous, they were torn down in 1993. In 2013, the 100 Steps were re-constructed for $1 million. Getting to The Heights from downtown Jersey City requires some planning, but it’s quite easy to access from Hoboken.