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Tips for Buying a Home in a Competitive Market

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There is no doubt that the housing market in New Jersey is HOT HOT HOT right now and there are no signs of it cooling down anytime soon. No matter where you look, housing inventory continues to be low while demand for housing continues to increase. This type of market can scare people away from buying a home, but we’re here to show you that it is still possible to buy a home in a competitive market. The DV Real Estate Group has compiled a list of tips to help you score your dream home during this competitive housing market. 


First things first, working with an experienced team of real estate agents is your best bet when trying to purchase a home in a competitive market. Not only does a knowledgeable real estate agent know what to expect, they can also help the homebuyer move through the process quickly and also avoid paying more than necessary for the property they are trying to buy. (Need a Jersey City real estate agent? Contact the DV Group here)


Having a good understanding of what you are looking for in a home will save a lot of time and prevent you from losing good opportunities due to indecisiveness. When buying in a competitive market, you have to be able to make decisions quickly. Making a list of priorities, narrowing down your preferences and also listing things that you can do without with also make for a more nimble home buying process. A real estate agent with local expertise can help you understand the costs for the kind of home you want, and also make recommendations. 


Whether you are buying a home in a competitive market or not, a homebuyer should always get a pre-approval prior to starting the house hunting process. Having a pre-approval lets the seller know that you are qualified to purchase their home therefore making your offer more competitive. A pre-approval letter also helps the homebuyer figure out what their price point is when house hunting. This will help narrow down your choices. 

Don’t let a competitive market scare you aware from owning your dream home. Work with our team of top real estate agents in Jersey City and let the DV Real Estate Group help you find the home of your dreams.

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